Oxford Pakistan Programme

Evidence-Based Social Intervention & Policy Evaluation

Ahsan Mashhood

Ahsan graduated from LUMS in 2022 with high distinction in Economics. He maintained the Chaudry Nazar Muhammad Scholarship for Economics (100%) during his undergraduate years for consistently scoring in the top 1% of his class. Over the past year, Ahsan has been actively engaged at the Research Lab at the Legal Aid Society, Karachi. His research work has been thematically diverse, including but not limited to Alternative Dispute Resolution, Transgender Rights Bill 2018, Women’s Right to Legal Matrimonial Property, Religious Minorities, and, more recently, Prisoner’s Mental Health.

His research has contributed to informing program delivery at the Legal Aid Society and, more broadly, setting a precedent for empirical socio-legal research in Pakistan. He aims to study Pakistan’s unique mental health context at Oxford and design interventions that comprehensively engage with transgenerational trauma and C-PTSD.