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Visiting Fellows Programme

Hamid Ismail Visiting Fellows Programme

The Hamid Ismail Visiting Fellows Programme has been established by the generous donation of Mr Hamid Ismail, a graduate of the MBA programme at the University of Oxford (2021), Director of Ismail Industries Limited and Founder / President of the Ismail Foundation. It offers one senior Pakistani academic (the “Visiting Fellow”) the opportunity to spend an academic term at Oxford every year, allowing them to develop their academic network and play an active role in Oxford’s academic calendar. The recipient will also enrich the academic faculty at Oxford by contributing to diversity of thought and broadening Oxford’s global reach. The Visiting Fellow will produce a draft working paper during their time at Oxford, as well as publicly presenting this work while they are in Oxford. The Visiting Fellow must be a senior Pakistani academic who; i) holds a PhD; ii) is ordinarily resident in Pakistan; and iii) holds a faculty position in a university in Pakistan. Preference will be given to academics who can demonstrate that their work; i) contributes to sustainable development in Pakistan, expansively defined; ii) advances an area of subject expertise which is underdeveloped in Pakistan; and / or iii) advances an area of subject expertise currently underserved in Oxford, across all four Divisions.

Malala Visiting Fellowship in Education

Malala Fund, the LMH, the OPP and Oxford’s Department of Education are proud to be working together to deliver the Malala Visiting Fellowship in Education, a ground-breaking programme which will establish a Fellowship at LMH and the Department of Education to facilitate the creation of a teacher training course to train teachers in Sindh, Pakistan. This will be achieved through supporting a recent PhD graduate or an early career academic to spend two terms at Oxford, in which they will work with the Department of Education and with local partners, including the Government of Sindh, Pakistan and Durbeen to develop a teacher training curriculum for a two-year Master’s of Education programme delivered to teachers in Sindh, Pakistan.

 The Malala Visiting Fellowship in Education aims to address the fact that there are insufficient numbers of trained teachers, especially women, to adequately educate girls in Pakistan.

The Malala Visiting Fellow will work closely with LMH Fellow Ann Childs and other members of the Department of Education to deliver a bespoke educational development curriculum. They will provide local knowledge and context to support the delivery of the teacher training curriculum.