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The OPP is a labour of love, and survives on the extraordinary generosity of our donors. We believe in the power of small, concerted efforts which can unlock impactful change. 

The OPP is the only initiative of its kind to be generating world-class academic opportunities for students of Pakistani origin, as well as supporting such a diverse platform of academic activity on Pakistan at one of the best universities in the world. 

The OPP is a campaign for Pakistan which has, in the past two years, created a rich and diverse network of businesspeople, professionals, policymakers, academics and students, who are working together to build the OPP into a long-standing vehicle for change and community uplift. 

The OPP is a platform for the delivery of effective and diverse initiatives on Pakistan at Oxford, which is owned by all those who may be interested in such work, and we encourage you to join with us in this collective effort. If you would like to support an initiative, volunteer with us or otherwise get in touch, please email Dr. Talha J. Pirzada at


Total funding requirement£1.5 million
Total secured for 5 years£975K

Target remaining£525K

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