Oxford Pakistan Programme

Clinical Epidemiology and Medical Statistics

Rabia Ali Khan

Rabia completed her Master of Public Health (MPH) degree with a distinction grade. Her professional experience includes working as an Associate Lecturer for Global Health, Epidemiology and Statistics, and Health Protection at the University of Derby. She also serves as an Associate Director in the Oncology Outcomes Research team at AstraZeneca. Rabia’s research centers on disparities in diagnosis and treatment of patients with early breast cancer and gBRCAm. Prior to that, she held a position as a senior Epidemiologist at Public Health England, where she played a pivotal role within the Public Health Advise, Guidance, and Expertise (PHAGE) team, contributing evidence to shape national policies related to COVID-19. Rabia is deeply passionate about promoting health equity and advocating for women’s education, recognizing the potential synergy between health initiatives and educational empowerment for optimal outcomes through DPhil in Clinical Epidemiology and Medical Statistics at the University of Oxford.