Oxford Pakistan Programme

UK Access Programme

British Pakistanis make up one of the largest ethnic minority groups in the UK, accounting for roughly 2.4% of the total population in 2021. Numerous British Pakistani students, especially those hailing from less privileged backgrounds, often encounter challenges in accessing top-tier higher education opportunities due to a combination of informational gaps and personal barriers. Additionally, a significant number of those who manage to secure offers for admission find themselves unable to pursue their academic journey due to financial limitations. These challenges not only result in the underrepresentation of Pakistani origin learners in globally renowned universities but also deprives these individuals of enhanced prospects and valuable resources.

In light of this, the Oxford Pakistan Programmeโ€™s UK Access Programme aims to bridge these gaps. By focusing on students of Pakistani origin in UK schools, the programme seeks to provide comprehensive support. Through tailored informational resources and targeted assistance, the programme strives to empower these students to attain outstanding higher education opportunities.


Experience the excellent opportunity of hosting a select cohort of Oxford students and accomplished alumni at your school. These visits are designed to provide valuable insights to students who harbour an interest in pursuing their academic journey at internationally recognised institutions such as Oxbridge. Our adept team will orchestrate engaging presentations, catering to students of all backgrounds. They stand ready to address inquiries and extend individualized guidance through one-on-one interactions, fostering personal advice and comprehensive support.

For any UK schools looking to benefit from such mentorship sessions offered by our dedicated volunteers, consisting of Oxford students and alumni, we invite you to reach out to us. Please contact us at haroon.zaman@oxpakprogramme.org and usama.salamat@oxpakprogramme.org to express your interest or gain any further information.


The integral support of volunteers who wholeheartedly share our core values is what makes the execution of this programme possible. Their generosity and unwavering dedication are the driving forces behind our success.

We invite any Oxford students or alumni that are committed to enhancing the representation of Pakistani origin students within top-tier institutions. Join us as a mentor in the Oxford Pakistan Programme and be a driving force for transformation. By offering guidance and support, you can empower the next generation of Pakistani origin students to believe in their potential and aspire towards excellence.

If you are interested in volunteering, please sign up using the following link: