Access Programme

The Oxford Pakistan Access Programme (the “Access Programme”) addresses the underrepresentation in Oxford of both British Pakistani students and Pakistani students ordinarily resident in Pakistan, at both the undergraduate and graduate level. The Access Programme supports a range of activities, both in the UK and in Pakistan, to encourage British Pakistani students and students ordinarily resident in Pakistan to apply to Oxford, and to support them in their applications. 



This includes an engagement initiative, which arranges for Oxford students and alumni to speak with prospective applicants in schools in the UK with a high number of students of Pakistani origin, as well as virtual engagement with schools in Pakistan. The Access Programme also runs a direct engagement initiative with schools in the UK which have a high proportion of students of Pakistani origin, as well as with schools in Pakistan, delivering talks and workshops around the year to encourage and assist applications. 


The Access Programme is also working with the Oxford’s Undergraduate Admissions & Outreach team to develop and deliver materials that support the application to Oxford of Pakistani students ordinarily resident in Pakistan. 


If you would like to support the Access Programme or volunteer, please contact Haroon Zaman at

Upcoming Graduate Access Conference


The Graduate Access Conference will provide potential applicants for graduate courses at Oxford or other top tier universities in the UK an insight into the admission processes, tailored advice on applying for specific subjects and the opportunity to ask questions of students who are studying a relevant course.

Please note that attendees will be limited to 200 and attendance will be subject to selection and confirmation to each attendee by the OPP.